"The thing that stands out the most with Ebert Construction is the personal contact. If you build a building with them it seems like they become your friends for life.  The relationship gets stronger, the bond is there and it is just nice to know there is someone you can count on."

- Jeff Ophoven, Precision Line Motorsports

"Each project seems to be more difficult to get through a city and that is where Greg and his company shines, just helping us jump through the hoops with all of the demands of city planners, engineers. With Ebert Construction, they are proud of their name and working to get the best deal and make sure it is a quality project. They always keep the job sites clean, that is very important as it reflects on their name. They are hard-working and they want to be proud of the finished product."

- Joe Francis, Holiday Station Stores

"Ebert Construction is a small business like we are and to the extent that I can call up and talk to the owner if I need to – that is important. The reason that I feel really good about the experience I had with Ebert is related to the integrity and the trust. My feeling is that anybody can say they are trustworthy and honest, but what it really comes down to is when there is a problem, when there is an question, how are they going to handle it."

- Steve Houston, BankWest

“…It has been a pleasure working with the always professional Scott Bursch, a project manager for Ebert Construction, who has successfully managed some very challenging projects; always putting the client, but more importantly, the tenant’s success first. Ii is reassuring knowing that the construction team Ebert assembles represents our developments in such a professional manner. Ebert’s entire construction team has been instrumental in the success of our projects, and I look forward to continuing our relationship in the very near future.”

- Michael Fraser, Capital Real Estate, Inc.

“…From the building project in Rockford to the building project in Hanover; Ebert, Inc. has been with us every step of the way with expert advice and service. We have had extraordinary service from your team – from receptionist all the way to the men that are out completing the work. Whenever we have had items that come up with our buildings your company has responded in a timely and professional manor...”

- Dan Rodelius, Bankwest

“…Over the years we have found Ebert’s work to be extremely satisfactory and completed in a timely professional manner. Ebert is a hard working competent contractor who acts with integrity and diligence. Based on our experience with this company we can highly recommend Ebert’s services…”

- Barbara Carlos, Merchant Bonding Company

“…As Walgreen’s Field Project Manager with over 20 years of experience I’ve worked with many different contractors and it is not often I work with a company that is as thorough and attentive to detail as Ebert Construction, from both the project management and to the superintendent in the field. The projects are done right, through effective communication and teamwork approach to getting it done on time & under budget. I look forward to working with you more in the future…”

- Steve Gish, Walgreen Co.

We, at St. Ignatius Catholic Church, Annandale were very pleased with Ebert Construction and Zach Meschke, as General Manager, for our remodel of the sanctuary and sacristy area.  Everything was completed professionally in a timely manner and on budget. 

- Roger Millner, St. Ignatius Catholic Church

The thing that impressed me most about working with Ebert was their recognition of the importance that myself and the owner had regarding maintaining the quality and craftsmanship of the original 1950's era worship space at Saint Ignatius Church. They accomplished this within our time constraints  all the while accommodating the daily liturgical requirements and within our budget.

- Vernon Broll, Sylvia Hills Architecture

Thank you Ebert Construction for all of your help with the Wheaton Hangar Project.  I think it was a great success.  Very Professional, Very Smooth.  In fact, probably the easiest construction project that I have ever been involved with.  I would recommend Ebert Construction to anyone in the future.

- Kris Krenz, City of Wheaton