St David’s Gala

Last week, Ebert Construction was honored to be a silver sponsor at the 28th Annual St David’s Center Make Them Shine Gala.   St David’s is a wonderful organization that provides a variety of services to many children and their families in the metro area.  Each year at the gala, we are able hear and see families that have had life changing experiences from their time at St David’s.  It is incredible to see what a difference this organization has made for them and we are proud to be a part of this event each year.  The gala was a huge success and St David’s raised a record breaking $416,000.  This money will help St David’s do what they do best, provide a supportive place for families to go when they feel they have nowhere else to turn.  We are so thrilled for St David’s and are grateful we got to be a part of their successful night!

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