Walgreens – Mound, MN

 Ebert Construction finished wrapping up our third Walgreens Project in Mound, MN.  The project consists of a new ground up retail outlet with 14,734 gross square footage. It fits well into the community of Mound on the corner of Commerce Blvd.  Ebert Construction has enjoyed working with Walgreens Co and has received positive reviews from their team.  “As Walgreen’s Field Project Manager with over 20 years of experience I’ve worked with many different contractors and it is not often I work with a company that is as thorough and attentive to detail as Ebert Construction, from both the project management and to the superintendent in the field.  The projects are done right, through effective communication and teamwork approach to getting it done on time & under budget.  I look forward to working with you more in the future,” said Steve Gish, Walgreen Co.’s Field Project Manager.  We as well look forward to working with Walgreens Co more in the future!


Richfield Liquor Store Remodel

Ebert Construction wrapped up the Richfield Liquor Store Interior Remodel Project in May! The store was originally built in 1965, and need of a major face lift. The remodel included a new beer cooler, polished concrete floors, a tasting table for in-store demonstrations and custom display cases for premium wines and spirits.  The store also got new energy-efficient windows and a new power friendly lighting system to help with energy costs for the building.  Ebert Construction received positive reviews on the remodel, “The contractors we used did a very nice and quick job,” said Bill Fillmore, Richfield’s municipal liquor operations director. The Richfield Liquor Store was another successful project completed for Ebert Construction!

Click Here for a tour of the new store by Bill Fillmore, Richfield Municipal Liquor Operations Director.



Minnetonka High School Fitness Center!

Ebert Construction is proud to announce the start of one of our newest projects, The Minnetonka High School Fitness Center!  The project consists of a 4420 SF single story, masonry addition. The new physical wellness center will be constructed near the multipurpose room on the southwest corner of the high school. Students, staff and community members will be able to use this space to enhance physical wellness through the use of cardio equipment and activity-based workout equipment. This will replace the current cardio room located in the basement of the high school. We are very excited to start another project with the Minnetonka Public School District.

Improving Scheduling Through Technology

Ebert Construction was looking for a way to enhance and improve our scheduling system.  In Fall of 2012, we implemented FastTrack Scheduling into our project management process.  FastTrack Scheduling helps our team to organize, track and distribute project schedules to our subcontractors and owners. We understand the importance of scheduling on a project and Fast Track has improved our abilities to effectively manage that process.  We are able to make precise assignments and effectively manage those tasks to ensure no slippage of the schedule. This software also offers many different scheduling and calendar views that is unique to each one of our subcontractors, making the process easier to everyone to understand and follow.  Ebert Construction strives to deliver quality projects, on time and under budget, to our customers and FastTrack has assisted us to accomplish that goal.